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  Sunday January 25, 2015     

Profile/Process of Institutional Effectiveness (PIE)

The PIE is a system W&M has developed to document that we continually monitor and adjust what we do to effectively meet our goals within educational programs and administrative and support areas. The PIE reflects both a process and a profile of institutional effectiveness. A PIE shows a department/program’s goals, its methods for achieving and assessing them, and how the department/program and higher-level administrators use assessment results to make improvements and enhance what we do to support our mission. Every academic department and program in all schools and most administrative departments and offices, including all student affairs departments, maintain a PIE and participate in the ongoing process.

    PIEs for educational programs focus on (1) what the faculty expects students to learn in the major, (2) curricular experiences designed to address those expectations, (3) assessments the faculty conducts to measure the extent to which expectations are being met, and (4) changes based on assessments that will enhance and improve student learning.
    PIEs for other areas related to the mission and functions of the university focus on (1) goals of units that advance effective and efficient accomplishment of the university's mission, (2) programs, initiatives and activities designed to advance those unit goals, (3) assessments the staff conducts to measure progress toward meeting those goals, and (4) changes based on assessments that will enhance and improve the unit and the university.

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